Dr. John M. Baust Presents at ISBiotech 2017

OWEGO, NY — CPSI Biotech’s CEO and Lead Scientist gave a podium presentation Monday morning at the 2017 ISBiotech 7th Annual Spring Meeting in Washington, DC (March 6-8). The presentation titled “New Technologies for Improved Handling of Cryopreserved Samples”, given by Dr. John M. Baust, focused on the recent research and development activities relating to CPSI’s SmartThaw™ dry thawing device and RevitalICE cell culture reagent.

As part of the presentation, Dr. Baust focused on educating and reviewing attendees’ current cryopreservation practices and the challenges associated with many of protocols, as well as discussing new technologies and development efforts in the area of modulating the cellular-molecular response to cryopreservation as a path to improve cell recovery and function. Dr. Baust also presented data recently collected by CPSI scientists related to thawing of samples cryopreserved in 5 ml cryovials using SmartThaw™, a next generation device developed by CPSI Biotech for controlled and rapid dry thawing.

SmartThaw is targeted for commercial launch in 2017.

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US Patent issued for new multi-functional thermal ablation device developed by CPSI Biotech

OWEGO, NY — CPSI Biotech is proud to announce the issuance of a patent (US Pat#: 9,566,105) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office covering device design and method of use of a new multi-functional thermal ablation technology to be used for the treatment of diseases ranging from cancer or heart disease.

This multi-functional thermal ablation technology offers the ability to apply both heat and cryogenic energy to tissue using a single device, enabling controlled, real-time application of a dual thermal ablation strategy. The dual thermal ablation system enables the delivery of a multitude of therapeutic treatment options, including heat and cold, along with anti-cancer agents, alone or in any combination as desired. Dr. John M. Baust, President and CEO of CPSI Biotech, stated “This technological platform will offer a physician the ability to apply both heat and cryotherapy in conjunction or alone, all from a single probe to ablate targeted tissue. The ability to deliver multiple ablative energy insults in a single device will eliminate the need for multiple systems and probe switching during a procedure, thereby reducing patient risk, procedure time and overall cost.”

Regarding CPSI Biotech’s future plans for the technology, Baust stated, “We continue to work on the development of this innovative technology. Our goal is to move through the R&D phase and into pilot studies with a clinical collaborator with this technology over the next year.”

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