OWEGO, NY — CPSI Biotech president, Dr. John M. Baust (President and Lead Scientist), presented today at the Cell Culture and Cell Therapy Bioprocessing conference in Philadelphia, PA (June 26-27). CPSI’s podium presentation detailed recent studies focused on improving the thawing process and quality of frozen cell and tissue products using CPSI’s SmartThaw™ device and RevitalICE™ reagent.

Dr. Baust’s presentation featured studies conducted by CPSI researchers on human hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells. Commenting on the research, Dr. Baust stated “this study demonstrated that sample quality and processing can be improved using SmartThaw™ and RevitalICE™. SmartThaw™ provides improved processing of frozen products while in many cases also improving viability post-thaw. Further, the RevitalICE™ post-thaw recovery reagent was shown to give researchers the ability to salvage samples which have been cryopreserved using dated approaches.”

Providing further insight, Dr. Kristi Snyder (Director of Operations and Principal Scientist) stated “SmartThaw™ provides a viable alternative to water baths offering a clean, dry and documentable process while delivering improved cell recovery.” When asked about RevitalICE™, Dr. Snyder stated “RevitalICE™ is the newest member of the SmartBio platform. RevitalICE™ is a molecular based cell culture media additive designed to modulate a cell’s recovery response. RevitalICE™ can be used with any sample which is currently frozen, using any type of preservation media, to more effectively recover samples following thawing, thereby improving sample quality and function.”
Dr. Baust continued “RevitalICE™ is designed to minimize alterations in cell function thereby improving cryopreservation outcome without front end process changes. This technology offers potential benefit for the billions of samples currently cryopreserved globally today.”

Development activities involving SmartThaw™ and RevitalICE™ are ongoing. “We are very excited to take the next steps towards commercialization for both of these technologies. SmartThaw™ will provide a vital link in improving cryopreserved cell handling. We have placed a number of pre-production units with select collaborators to gain end-user feedback to help finalize the product for commercialization. This has been a long process but the information we are collecting on SmartThaw™ has been invaluable. RevitalICE™ remains in the R&D stage, however, reception of the initial data has been very positive” stated Snyder. Currently, CPSI is targeting commercial launch of SmartThaw™ in 2018 with RevitalICE™ following thereafter.