CPSI Biotech
Biotechnology to Move Medicine Forward

CPSI Biotech is a company which has been built around a three-business approach; research and development, intellectual property and commercialization ventures. The company was established as a research and development organization which dedicated its focus on minimally invasive cold (low temperature) ablation of benign and malignant cells.

imageApplied and basic life science research, medical device design and novel process development are the core of CPSI.

Our interdisciplinary approach to translational research facilitates novel discoveries.

Research and Development
Our focus is our strength.

imageCPSI supports two principal research divisions: Life Science and Engineering.
While distinct, our research efforts are united by the underlying idea that temperature and stress responses can be harnessed and provide a unique insight into biological methods.

Research and Development results in new intellectual property (IP). It is our goal to license the developed IP to a partner for product commercialization, thereby establishing a revenue stream and bringing discoveries to the next stage.

Technology Development
Innovation at Work.

CPSI Biotech has developed unique Cryotherapy Intellectual Property which may offer viable and safe alternatives to conventional surgery and radiation treatments. The Company's technology has already been evaluated in animal studies by early adopters in surgical and interventional cardiology, interventional radiology and urology. Scientific discovery is step one. Contact us to discuss licensing and continuing development of novel IP.

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We welcome inquiries for collaboration and contract research.  Our expertise and dedication provide the framework for the ideal partnership.

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