CPSI researchers present on the SmartThaw cell thawing system and RevitalICE reagent at ISBiotech Fall Conference

OWEGO, NY — CPSI Biotech president, Dr. John M. Baust (President and Lead Scientist), has been invited to presented at the 2017 ISBioTech 5th Annual Fall Meeting in Virginia Beach, VA (Dec 10-13). CPSI’s podium presentation will detail recent studies focused on improving the thawing process and quality of frozen cell and tissue products using CPSI’s SmartThaw™ device and RevitalICE™ reagent.

Dr. Baust’s presentation will feature studies conducted by CPSI researchers on human hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells. Commenting on the research, Dr. Baust stated “our continuing studies demonstrated that sample quality and processing can be improved using SmartThaw™ and RevitalICE™. SmartThaw™ provides improved processing of frozen products while in many cases also improving viability post-thaw. The RevitalICE™ post-thaw recovery reagent is designed to give researchers the ability to salvage samples which have been cryopreserved using dated approaches.”

SmartThaw is targeted for commercial launch in 2018.

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Dr. John M. Baust Presents at ISBiotech 2017

OWEGO, NY — CPSI Biotech’s CEO and Lead Scientist gave a podium presentation Monday morning at the 2017 ISBiotech 7th Annual Spring Meeting in Washington, DC (March 6-8). The presentation titled “New Technologies for Improved Handling of Cryopreserved Samples”, given by Dr. John M. Baust, focused on the recent research and development activities relating to CPSI’s SmartThaw™ dry thawing device and RevitalICE cell culture reagent.

As part of the presentation, Dr. Baust focused on educating and reviewing attendees’ current cryopreservation practices and the challenges associated with many of protocols, as well as discussing new technologies and development efforts in the area of modulating the cellular-molecular response to cryopreservation as a path to improve cell recovery and function. Dr. Baust also presented data recently collected by CPSI scientists related to thawing of samples cryopreserved in 5 ml cryovials using SmartThaw™, a next generation device developed by CPSI Biotech for controlled and rapid dry thawing.

SmartThaw is targeted for commercial launch in 2017.

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SmartThaw Presentation Given at Cryo2016

CPSI researchers present a scientific poster on the SmartThaw™ cell thawing system.

OWEGO, NY — CPSI Biotech scientists just returned from presenting at the Society for Cryobiology Annual Meeting (Cryo2016) in Ottawa, CA (July 24-27). CPSI’s involvement included a scientific poster presentation and demonstration of CPSI’s new SmartThaw™ device designed to improve the thawing process of frozen cell and tissue products.

This scientific study on SmartThaw™ conducted by a team of researchers from CPSI and led by Dr. Kristi Snyder (Director of Operations and Principal Scientist) and Kimberly Santucci (Research Scientist). “SmartThaw™ System is a new device for controlled and rapid dry thawing of cryopreserved (frozen) samples and products. This study demonstrated that sample thawing with SmartThaw™ improves processing of frozen products while also providing equivalent, and in several cases, improved sample viability post-thaw” stated Ms. Santucci. Speaking to the technology, Dr. Snyder stated “We introduced the prototype system this spring and have been collecting end-user feedback and input for final design and performance focus. These insights have aided in the final design engineering which is now in process. As a result of these ongoing activities, we are targeting commercial launch in late Q3 2016.”

The poster titled “Assessment of SmartThaw™: A novel dry thawing system for cryopreserved cell products” focused on the improved processing and outcome that can be obtained using SmartThaw™. The poster highlighted studies conducted on CHO, PC-3, human endothelial, and mesenchymal stem cells.

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View the Poster Presented at the Society for Cryobiology conference: Cryo 2016 Smart Thaw Poster

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Article published in BioProcessing Journal details how CPSI Biotech’s novel SmartThaw™ dry thawing device could revolutionize frozen sample thawing

OWEGO, NY – A peer-reviewed research article detailing the development of CPSI’s SmartThaw™ device was published in this month’s issue of BioProcessing Journal (Volume 15, Number 1; pages 30-41).  The manuscript, titled Development and Assessment of a Novel Device for the Controlled Dry Thawing of Cryopreserved Cell Products, focuses on comparative evaluations between SmartThaw™ and water bath thawing (the gold standard) using human mesenchymal stem cell (hMSC) and prostate cancer (PC-3) cell cultures and demonstrates the improvement in sample processing and quality obtained using SmartThaw™.

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