Investment Opportunity


CPSI Biotech’s business strategy is to serve as a technology development and feeder organization focused on the continual identification and development of new technologies to address various clinical, research and commercial needs. Our mission is to rapidly translate new and innovative technologies through the concept and development phases and into the commercialization stage, followed by partnering with established corporate entities to bring these technologies to the market.

CPSI Biotech is currently focused on developing business opportunities involving our pipeline technologies.

In support of this development, CPSI is looking to raise the capital necessary to usher these products through the final development, clinical testing, regulatory approval and commercialization phases.  Our intent is to develop these technologies to the commercialization stage to maximize the return on investment upon sale or licensing of the technologies to an outside party.

While our current focus is raising capital to support the technology development corporate business model, CPSI Biotech welcomes discussions pertaining to business relationships for any of the current products and technologies under development.  Further, in addition to in-house innovation and development projects, CPSI Biotech also welcomes the opportunity to partner with new as well as established groups to assist in research and development efforts to bring new innovative ideas to fruition.

Contact us for more information and to initiate a confidential discussion related to investment, licensing or technology acquisition.