GI Cryo to Present on its Pancreatic Cancer Cryoablation Technology at the Boston Oncology Investor Conference 2019

New Cryoablation Device Targets Enhanced Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias

“Increasing vitamin D3 metabolite levels enhances prostate cancer cell death following cryoablation”

US Patent Issued on CPSI’s FrostBite™ Pancreas Cancer Cryoablation Catheter” (view this press release on

Combinatorial Ablative Strategies Yield Improved Destruction of Pancreatic Cancer Cells

SmartThaw and RevitalICE Featured at International Conference

Novel FrostBite™ Cryoablation Technology for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer Wins NIH SBIR Phase II Award” (view this press release on 24-7 PressRelease)

SmartThaw and RevitalICE Featured at International Conference 2017

CPSI Scientists Present at ISBiotech 2017

US Patent issued for new multi-functional thermal ablation device

Presentations at CRYO2016 Feature CPSI’s FrostBite GI Cancer Cryoablation Platform

CPSI researchers present a scientific poster on the SmartThaw™ cell thawing system

“CPSI’s SCN Cryoablation System Highlighted in New Medical Text”

News Segment Features CPSI’s FrostBite Cancer Treatment Device

“Article published in BioProcessing Journal details how the novel SmartThaw™ dry thawing device could revolutionize frozen sample thawing

CPSI Develops New Device to Treat Esophageal and Pancreatic Cancer

Joint white paper effort by CPSI and Eppendorf highlights the impact of handling and storage on sample quality following cryopreservation  (view this press release on Digital Journal)

“SmartThaw Featured at ISBiotech Spring Meeting with Exhibit and Presentation”

US Patent Issued on CPSI’s Engineered Tissue Model Platform”   (view this press release on Digital Journal)

“Two US Patents Issued on the Supercritical Nitrogen (SCN) Cryoablation Platform”  (view this press release on Digital Journal)

“CPSI Announces SmartThaw Prelaunch and Presents at ISBiotech Conference”

“Multi-Institutional Paper Highlights the Destructive Benefits of Cryoablation”

“CPSI Biotech Scientists Discover that Cells Exposed to Ultra-Low Temperatures May Undergo Early On Apoptosis”

“CPSI Receives US Patent Allowance on Cryomedical Injection Device”

“CPSI Biotech Welcomes Congressman Reed”

“CPSI Biotech Awarded the Small Business Administration 2013 Tibbetts Award for Technological Innovation and Impact”  

“Binghamton Research Group Develops New Cancer Treatment”

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