CPSI researchers present a scientific poster on the SmartThaw™ cell thawing system.

OWEGO, NY — CPSI Biotech scientists just returned from presenting at the Society for Cryobiology Annual Meeting (Cryo2016) in Ottawa, CA (July 24-27). CPSI’s involvement included a scientific poster presentation and demonstration of CPSI’s new SmartThaw™ device designed to improve the thawing process of frozen cell and tissue products.

This scientific study on SmartThaw™ conducted by a team of researchers from CPSI and led by Dr. Kristi Snyder (Director of Operations and Principal Scientist) and Kimberly Santucci (Research Scientist). “SmartThaw™ System is a new device for controlled and rapid dry thawing of cryopreserved (frozen) samples and products. This study demonstrated that sample thawing with SmartThaw™ improves processing of frozen products while also providing equivalent, and in several cases, improved sample viability post-thaw” stated Ms. Santucci. Speaking to the technology, Dr. Snyder stated “We introduced the prototype system this spring and have been collecting end-user feedback and input for final design and performance focus. These insights have aided in the final design engineering which is now in process. As a result of these ongoing activities, we are targeting commercial launch in late Q3 2016.”

The poster titled “Assessment of SmartThaw™: A novel dry thawing system for cryopreserved cell products” focused on the improved processing and outcome that can be obtained using SmartThaw™. The poster highlighted studies conducted on CHO, PC-3, human endothelial, and mesenchymal stem cells.

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View the Poster Presented at the Society for Cryobiology conference: Cryo 2016 Smart Thaw Poster

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