CryoInject™ and CryoPellets™


The use of cryoablative techniques to treat cancers continues to grow. With the growth of focal therapy and evolution in the management of other non-cancerous diseases, there is a need for a device to treat cancers using a highly effective, low cost, minimally invasive focal ablative outpatient based approach.

CryoInject and CryoPellets represent a major evolution in the development of medical devices by using self-contained cryogen pellets (seeds) that are injected into a target tissue generating a lesion and are then harmlessly resorbed into the body.

CryoPellets, which can be formulated to contain cryosensitization agents, deliver an efficient, ablative insult to a defined region yielding precise focal ablation with minimal effect to surrounding tissue.  At less than a few minutes for insertion and lesion creation, the CryoInject system should reduce procedure time, costs, and risk of complication without sacrificing efficacy.

Disclaimer: CPSI Biotech’s technologies are currently Investigational Devices and are limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use Only.