Super-Critical Nitrogen (SCN) Cryoablation Platform


The Super-Critical Nitrogen (SCN) Platform consists of a cryoconsole and series of disposable cryoapplicators.

The cryoconsole system is a computer-controlled device designed to perform procedures to destroy targeted tissue. In order to achieve rapid formation of lethal lesions in a time efficient, uniform dose, closed-loop manner, the SCN technology delivers controlled, near instantaneous ice for the formation of ultra-cold, highly ablative lesions. The SCN technology provides a number of advantages over current systems including reduced freeze time, near instantaneous on/off freeze control, small foot print, and probe miniaturization.

Other advantages of the SCN Platform include:

  • Utilizing pressures lower than argon JT devices,
  • Eliminating the need for high pressure (3,000-6,000 psi) external cryogen gas tanks,
  • Providing for more rapid and effective freezing through the more efficient heat transfer and freezing capacity of SCN.
Super-Critical Nitrogen (SCN) self-contained device

Self-contained SCN Device

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