Combination (neoadjunctive) therapies represent the future of control and eradication of cancer. Combinatorial treatments currently consist of multiple chemotherapeutic drugs with regimental dosing schedules.  While this has shown promise, associated side effects are unavoidable and drug resistance is expected, especially with the increasing identification of cacer stem cells and their role in recurrence.

CPSI scientists have shown that pre-treatment (sensitization) of cancer can increase the efficacy of cryoablation at elevated temperatures.  The goal of the SensitICER™ technology is to make “ice lethal” at 0°C, nominally, to assure complete cancer destruction reducing the risk of cancer reoccurrence and associated collateral damage.   These efforts are opening a new direction for treatment of cancer.

Disclaimer: CPSI Biotech’s technologies are currently Investigational Devices and are limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use Only.