The SmartThaw™ System is a temperature controlled bench top device for the rapid and controlled thawing of frozen samples.  Given the critical role of cryopreserved cell products coupled with an absence of focus on the thawing process, the need for new, cost-effective devices to allow for controlled, multi-sample, rapid thawing of biological samples compatible with both research and clinical settings, such as SmartThaw™, is now paramount.

CPSI Biotech’s innovative SmartThaw™ and SmartThaw™ XL dry thawing systems fulfill an unmet need and enable the high-throughput, consistent, controlled and safe thawing of frozen biological samples. SmartThaw™ supports thawing of a variety of container formats, ranging from cryovials to cell therapy and blood product bags. The unique, patent pending design offers a highly versatile platform which is unmatched within the marketplace.

SmartThaw Systemsmartthaw thermal trace ct


SmartThaw™  is easy to use! Simply place your frozen sample in-between the heated thawing pillows and set the thaw time. SmartThaw™  gently oscillates, creating a dynamic thawing situation while minimizing environmental contact with the sample. External sample temperatures are monitored and recorded, providing a trace of the repeatable thaw process.

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