OWEGO, NY — CPSI Biotech announced today the issuance of two new patents by the US Patent Office covering device design and method of use for the supercritical nitrogen (SCN) cryoablation medical device platform. CPSI has invested the last 6+ years on the development and testing of this next generation cryoablation device platform.
The patents (US Pat#’s: 9,089,316 and 8,998,888) include design and use of the advanced SCN cryogenic medical system which offers promise for utilization in the clinical arena. CPSI completed a technology transfer agreement involving the SCN platform in 2012 under which CPSI retained exclusive license rights for development and commercialization of the SCN technology platform in a number of areas, including pancreatic cancer and cardiac arrhythmias. CPSI is currently pursuing the acquisition of financing to support final development, testing and obtaining regulatory approval in support of commercialization.
Latest Patents Cover Device Design and Method of Use for the Next Generation Super-critical Nitrogen Cryoablation Device Platform (Press Release, December 21, 2015)
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